Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Buy Today's Paper - It's a Trick

I thought they hid all the good coupons in the daily paper while trying to trick us into believing the best coupons are only in the Sunday paper but it turns out there are NO good coupons, at all, in the Monday paper. Even though it's President's Day and everything.

It is impossible to turn back time so I won't be able to get yesterday's Sunday paper and now I only have expired coupons from last Sunday's paper. I spent 2 hours (or twenty minutes, or whatever) cutting out cat food, canned vegetables, and hot pocket coupons that all expired on Feb 14th. And I was all, I'm totally going to get to the store by then because that's 6 days from now. 8 days later, here we sit. Next to a big, fat, stuffed envelope of expired coupons.

Why do I even try to channel Oprah's advice and be The Best Version of Me when The Real Version of Me wins every time? Although, I gotta say, I have to be doing something right, because I received about 76 gorgeous grins from my most favorite little guy today, and that's better than all the coupons in the whole, wide world.

P.S. I totally would have posted a nauseatingly cute pic of little guy with evidence of said grins but I'm still working off a stolen lap top (See previous post)
HOWEVER - I am good for a video that I taped today of Baby J with two whole minutes of him having a conversation with the ceiling while I sang "Superman" over and over again off key. It's killer. Next week, I promise.

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  1. Video! Video! Video! Also, I get you about the coupons. I haggled with a clerk at GOODWILL on Saturday.


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