Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Computers Don't Grow On Trees, You Know

My computer is broke, broke, broke (not recession broke, just wierd fuzzy white lines on the screen broke) so I am going to write this post in a hurry, before my husband wakes up and realizes I've hijacked his computer (which I am not technically allowed to use, because apparently I am a 'computer breaker' although really I think my cats are the 'computer breakers' but we don't have time to get into all of that)

Aside from the lab top betrayal, this has been a great week. I have been fairly productive and am extremely pleased that after 13 weeks and 3 days I have successfully completed the following activities:

1) Turned off Nancy Grace, CNN, and John & Kate plus 8 (Kate has been stressing me out) and turned my attention to crock pot experimentation (IE: my version of cooking).
2) Introduced Baby J to the world outside our living room: he visited Salem to visit some of my coworkers and got lots of hugs, went to OMSI with old friends (yay!), flirted with some cute 4 monthers at Baby & Me group, and chilled with Dad while I got to have a girls night out and see "He's Just Not That Into You".
3) Contemplated working out & dieting anorexic style eating healthy to lose post baby weight. (Yes, I said post baby, as in not gained during pregnancy weight)
4) Attempted to go on romantic dinner type date with hubby for his birthday (we left immediately after the food arrived, I'm guessing you can figure out why) Your welcome other diners who hate babies.

I'm looking forward to next week. I really, really, really do feel on the verge, on the cusp if you will, of ending my relationship with reality television long enough to begin a more serious relationship with WALKING and COOKING. But this is hard because I believe in my soul that walking, while good for me on countless levels, is eternally boring and really an insane activity (well, it makes me feel insane on account of how boring it is). I feel the same way about cooking, although that hardly needs to be stated because you can probably draw that conclusion yourself based on my bias against walking and since I put them both in all caps, they clearly go together (into the trash can). It should also go without saying that I have a lot of respect and admiration (not to mention jealousy and a little bit of bitterness) toward all the people who can walk and cook. I am inspired by these overachievers, truthfully, and often make the mental note to immediately become just like them. But then the 'Know Everything About Me' voice in my head says that to even work up the resolve to WALK and COOK I would have to, like, drink heavily beforehand. But I'm not really the drinking type, so that's out. (It's like I can never catch a break). Also, I have a car, so I don't really need to walk. And I have a microwave (I love you microwave, you are near the top of that "Things I love the Most" list that I will write someday) and a crockpot so I don't really need to cook either. I think I just thought I needed to do those things because I am not working right now and all this free time I have (except, hello, I'm raising a baby and following breaking news reports on Nancy Grace) puts pressure on me to be more of a walking and cooking type person. Whew. That was a whole journey of run on sentances that started off with the idea that tomorrow I'll start walking and cooking but by the end of the paragraph I'm all: No, I won't.

I wouldn't even be contemplating all this heavy stuff if my computer hadn't broken and I'd been without Perez, Facebook, and Yahoo Answers for the last 3 days. Thank goodness he is just that into me and I've got the stolen labtop & crazy blog to prove it.