Monday, February 2, 2009

Are you there Moms? It's me, Bekah...

So, in my last post I wrote about recieving 'mom advice' from random nameless moms out there in the universe who approach me in the grocery store, doctor's office, red lights, etc....not so much my thing. HOWEVER, me loves some good advice from all my favorite moms out there who I actually KNOW & love!

In fact, as some of you may know, I am a tad obsessive about calling all of my mom friends and relatives at noon, 2 pm, or 2 am with all kinds of pressing & urgent questions (My baby only smiles at dawn, is that normal? Is it okay if Baby J stares at the wall all day instead of at me, his precious mother? Where do I find a camera with more memory?) in an effort to soak up your entire inventory of mom knowledge until you are forced to come up with a reason to get off the phone with me. (I kid, I kid, you all have put up with me quite well & with endless patience!)

So, here's a few Q's that I've been mulling over this week...please, impart your wisdom Mamas!

1) Sleeping: (Obviously, lets start with this one) Now that Baby J is semi-pseudo sleeping outside our bed, what tips do you have for keeping him feeling 'snuggled' in his crib? I'm not supposed to put blankets over him or lie him on his tummy but when I just lay him flat on his back he jerks his arms straight up and startles himself awake. I'm using those snuggler things that wrap his arms up but I think he's outgrowing them. Tips?

2) When did you start attempting a 'routine' (eating, sleeping, playing, reading, bath time, etc) with your little one or did you let the baby set his/her own routine?

3) If you could go back (or for your next one!) to the time when they are itty bitty, what would you do differently, or the same?

Okay, super moms, I'm depending on you (And so is Baby J, no pressure!)

Next week: Stay tuned for a special blog geared to all the non-moms in my life! Watch out, I've got your number!!

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