Monday, November 25, 2013

Hope and her Hopiness

I keep telling myself to write a little post about our little Ms. Hope, about all her milestones and quirky that she can have something to look back on years from now. I am not organized enough to record them in her baby book(???) so I need to use this here 'blog' for such important matters!

Okay...little overdue but here goes...

Vocabulary (WHAT HOPE SAYS) at 18 months:

She is still just using one word at a time (although recently she has started attaching the word MY in front of certain words, so I guess possessive pro-nouns are her thing. That's right. I know about grammar.)

Words that are EMPHATICALLY capitalized signify the tone in which she usually says them.

-Daddy (MY daddy)
-Ba Ba ("Bottle")
-Ack ("Jackson")
-NO (This is her favorite word SURPRISE SURPRISE)
-Nigh Nigh ("Night Night")
-Bye Bye
-Go (She says this to her babysitter when I get home)
-Yes (She rarely says yes, but I heard it a few times in reference to a popsicle)
-Mine (Also in reference to popsicles)
-Papa (For her Grandad)
-In Annie ("Aunt Annie")
-da (dog)
-kiyee (kittie)
-Nummy ("Yummy" This word is mostly reserved for when we have scrambled eggs.)
-Appy ("Apple")
-Wa wa ("water")
-OH and OOH (for pumpkins and anything else that fascinates her)

A few other fun things about Ms Hope:

She is finally starting to sleep in her crib, but only for naps and the first few hours of night time. I made her a night time CD of soothing music, and we read her a few books every night. She loves, loves, loves books. Especially books about babies. She loves babies! If we see a baby (anyone under the age of 2, basically) she shouts, "Baby" and runs over and starts petting their head and face. Some of these 'babies' are bigger than her.

Hope has A LOT of opinions. And she is very vocal, determined, strong willed, and pretty aggressive in making sure everyone understands what the deal is. Jackson often tells me he is scared of her. Jackson was never a 'hitter' but Hope will hit you right in the face if you don't listen to what she has commanded you to do. But, her second favorite thing to do after hitting everyone she loves in the face is to give us all kisses. Lots and lots of kisses. And giggles. So, right there, that's all the ingredients for us to be in love with this little sweetie. We just can't get enough of her. Well played, Hopey, well played.