Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's Put A Bird On It.

Now that I'm moving to Eugene I feel the sudden urge to start an herb garden, buy a bicycle, and cleanse my new house with patchouli incense. And I might start putting a bird on everything. My inner hippy has gone into hiding while living in Portland's slightly more aggressive version of Northwest culture. But in Eugene I'm very "eh, let's put some Bob Dylan records on and call it good..." So if you see me at the Saturday Market buying homemade candles, just don't worry about it.

My sister was helping me sort Jack's baby clothes the other day. I couldn't remember which bag I had put aside for Goodwill and which one was full of keepers. After she examined the contents of both she declared, "Well, this one has a bunch of Tie-Dye onesies in it so it must be the bag of clothes you are saving."

"Yeah, must be." I nodded.

See??? All my huffing and puffing and righteous indignation about Portland culture and I'm secretly hoarding Tie-Dye paraphernalia in my closets.


In other news, I think I am going to do a 'before and after' series for the new house. It's empty now, so that will be the 'before' part. I'll post those pics in a few days. Then I'll fill up all the rooms, change the curtains 18 times, and post 'after' shots. And to digress for just a moment, I have to tell you that I can spend many an hour worrying about the statement my curtains are making. I've spent the last two years avoiding them all together and I've had bare windows this entire time --- which has been worth it just to avoid all the stress of taking them down and putting them back up again over and over. But sometimes I do go to K-Mart, Target, Fred Meyers, Ikea, Ross, and wherever else is open at 10 pm to peruse the curtain aisle, then I get sad because it seems to me everyone else has no problem at all picking out curtains. (Or sometimes I do buy some and stick them in the closet with Jack's Tie-Dye's -- hence the 18 different sets I have for my 'after' shots.)

When it comes to the kids' rooms, I'm much more confident. I already have a ton of ideas and am hoping the landlords will let us paint. If we can paint, I'm debating different options for the color of the nursery. My brother suggested I put a poll up for her NAME and I was going to go for it but after a brutal round of in-person polling with just siblings and parents I don't think I have the stomach for having all my favorite names voted down on the Internet! But advice is welcome on what color to paint her room, so here are the options: (please feel free to vote in the comment section since I don't know how to create a real poll).






  1. I vote for pink. All the way.

  2. I love purple for a girl. With white as an accent?

  3. oy. stay away from pastels. especially pink! tangerine sounds rad.


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