Monday, July 20, 2009

My Workly Week Plan -- Also, My Made Up Language & Foray into Flexible Grammar

Okay, all my co-workers who read this will understand what I'm talking about (and I know at least 2.5 of my co-workers do occasionally meander across this link.)

I have a workly week plan. That's a good example of what sleep deprivation does to my grammar -- I mean, weekly work plan. Jeez. And I turn it in every Monday before I begin to tackle my TO DO list that without the restraints of a weekly work plan would turn into an angry monster who devours me alive and leaves Brent and Baby J into a widower and orphan, respectively. However, that will never happen because I diligently sit down and organize my work hours into very neat categories such as:

1. Goals
2. Tasks / Assignments needed to achieve Goals
3. Calendar - that's where I list all my meetings, tasks, assignments, schedule time to return the 68 calls the red message light is reminding me of on my office phone, etc...

So, as a result I think I'm pretty on top of my work and manage my time effectively. TYVM.

Now, it's beginning to occur to me I may need a similar work plan for my personal life/household on days that I notice the following:

1. I have no time to shower
2. Eighteen piles of laundry are leaving me 68 hate-messages on my voicemail describing in detail what a bad laundry do-er I am.
3. My child's toys are hiding from the chaos and have taken up residence under the sofa.
4. Dinner is a funny joke we heard about once in a fairy tale land.
5. The TV remote is missing for days on end (as opposed to minutes on end pre-baby world) because we are actually TOO BUSY to turn on the TV. Let's have a moment of silence and acknowledge the grief we feel in this statement (wait a minute, the baby's too cute to care! Hurrah for cute babies that cure us of TV addictions! However, I would like to watch a little Tori & Dean, just sayin' -- That's valid because there are babies on that show so it would be educational.)
6. The cats are buying their own cat food and cleaning the kitty litter box in a desperate and ineffective campaign to point out our neglect.

It's a toss up between applying the same dedication to managing my time at work to the rigors of running a household and raising a child OR following my mother's advice: If there is time to fold laundry, there is time to play with the baby. That was her motto -- and I gotta say, it has a nice ring to it.

P.S. -- Katie should probably read this. Katie - I won't print your last name on my blog because, trust me, you don't want to be attached to my crazy crazy BUT you should probably read this, is all. (In case I ever hire professional help! Not that kind, the other kind)

Also: The cat link is Teresa's fault. Teresa Sara Tobin's fault.


  1. Take it from this single organizer mama - you must have a work plan for ALL parts of life. My work plan includes packing celia's lunch, drafting phone bank scripts, drafting 1 to 1 agendas, bathing, changing the cat box and organizing info pickets. It's absolutely nutty!

  2. So, let me see if I got this right. If I want to get over my TV addiction I should have a baby? I'll get right on it. Ahem.

  3. Hahaha Bekah!! I love the TV comment!!


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