Saturday, July 11, 2009

Facebook posting turned into spontaneous blog...

Ok --- I'm so glad you asked. I was feeding Jack his bottle and I have this "soothing sounds" cd playing (I got it the dollar tree, don't ask) in the background. He's almost asleep and we are all curled up in the rocking chair. I'm chewing gum and I absentmindedly blew a big pink bubble and then it popped. Jackson's eyes fly open spits milk EVERYWHERE ---he is laughing sooo hard. (I have never heard him laugh like this) So I blow another bubble and he just goes into hysterics. We do this like 37 times on repeat. And then I fall to the floor exhausted with sheer joy. Then of course I posted on Facebook. To me -- very exciting. Too bad my video camera is dead. That is so like me. On a developing note, Jackson is now waking up every 10 minutes in sheer screaming fits like he's having the most terrifying nightmares ever, which I am worried are related to the bubble blowing episodes. I may have to copy and paste this on my blog b/c I'm writing a book here....


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  1. Oh, Rebekah! I hate to tell you this as your idea of my motto sounds so nice. But you have it wrong. My motto was "If I have time to fold the laundry, I have time to have another baby." Although, being #7, you shouldn't mind that motto and having grown up with unfolded towels tossed in a drawer. Nowadays, I don't have time for homemaking at all and Dad is really into folding everything very neatly, having no fear of my mottos at all.


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