Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Basket Hunt & Other Shenanigans...captured in 671 photos

There's a tradition around these parts to get one's Easter basket AFTER a rather involved scavenger hunt of  7 - 8 complicated 'clues' hidden throughout the rooms and yard at my parent's house. We used to all cluster, packed together, in the bathroom with the door shut, while my dad hid the clues. Reviving the tradition, starting last year, for Jackson (and now Hope) has been one of the joys of moving back to Eugene. It took all of us (well -- Dad, Annie, and I) emphatically waving our arms, steering, cajoling, and dropping hint after hint to get Jack to actually follow his little trail of notes, but he did find them one by one. Annie and Dad really set the whole thing up, while my main contribution was becoming hysterical / saving Jack from dying of bee stings in the front yard by scrambling around screaming, "STAY AWAY FROM THE BEES STAY AWAY FROM THE BEES WHY ARE ALL THE NOTES BY THE BEES????" But Aunt Annie calmly guided Jack around the yard, helping him discover his clues, and finally HIS BASKET.

One thing I like about parenthood is that you can get your kid all excited about a basket full of eggs because they don't really know what's up at all. Like, he couldn't sleep the night before because of eggs.

This clue is hung up on the clothes line.

What does this note say? Dad?

Jack's Basket.
Hope's basket. She didn't get any clues because she's a baby and she wouldn't have gotten it.
What???? The kitty is climbing the fridge. Easter is crazy!!!
The chocolate bunny is what it all really comes down to for Jack.

My favorite part of the day was watching Hope BECOME AWARE of Jack's basket. She got this sneaky look in her eye and I was like, this girl is no amateur. She's on a mission. Done deal.
I thought she was too young to get the concept of the basket and treats and all the commotion of a holiday but she went for it. She was like, yep I get it IT'S PARTY TIME. Hope was totally focused during every part of the day. I'm scared for next year.

Why is there no candy in this egg? WHY IS THERE NO CANDY IN THIS EGG???
See the focus? She's all, Ohhh there's candy in HIS EGG. That's it, not cool mom. Not cool.
But the good thing about 10 month olds is that they get distracted by like, chair legs, and then you're off the hook.

My mom had these cool fancy eggs. Beautiful.
I had to capture one of these classic holiday moments. Brent trying to read the paper and Jack all, "I'm bored, I'm on a sugar high, I need 10 more baskets...."

Hope being a little angel princess baby cutie pie.

These little eggs came courtesy of Gramma Whittaker, and here Hope is sharing one with Hol'me. Pretty aggressively.

I was really proud of myself for matching my necklace to my cardigan. And for not wearing black on Easter, which I normally do because I forget it's spring since it's normally raining.

After the Easter baskets, we went out to Pleasant Hill for dinner at Letha & Eric's house. Hope was all YAY MORE EASTER!!

Hope & Gramma Whittaker

Jack getting ready to FIND MORE EGGS.

He was so cute in his new shirt from Aunt Teresa. I had to take a zillion pics of the day because their smiles and excitement for the day got me carried away. I JUST COULDN'T HELP MYSELF THE CUTENESS WAS TOO MUCH.

The end.


  1. Beautiful! What a fantastically gorgeous family. Jack is such a good, cute boy, sharing with his baby sister. What I really want to know is, how in the heck did they stay so clean??

  2. "Why are all the notes by the bees??!!" I love the pics too... :-)

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful record of a wonderful Easter!

  4. I'll be reading this over and over! You captured the fun and excitement perfectly!

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