Monday, November 5, 2012

The Avocado Story

"This looks promising! Thanks for finally giving me food Mom!"
"Let's see here...just gotta...pick this thing up..."
"It's a bit slippery here...but, hold on, I can get it."
"Don't fall off Don't fall off Don't fall off"
"What the...?"
"If this is a joke, let me tell you what, I'm going to make you clean it up."
"Mom, let's stick to the milk, okay? OKAY?"

*In case you were wondering, the purple all around Hope's mouth is from her Gentian Violet treatment for thrush. SO FUN.


  1. Made me laugh! We'll have to find something yummy to make up for this.

  2. Love it! I appreciate her determination.

  3. And she was determined to finish the entire piece of avocado!

  4. My niece rocks! Avocado? 1st food? What happened to bananas?

    1. Well, to be honest, she has had food before (bananas,sweet potatoes, oatmeal, applesauce, all the normal stuff) but this was the first time we really put her in the high chair and fed her right along side us as we ate dinner. In fact, we were eating and we just fed her off OUR plates -- so she was like "Whoa, real food, COOL." And, we even fed her some salmon after the avocado and she LOVED that. With Jack - we fed him 'baby food' out of jars and with Hope we just feed her right off our plates! She's truly a second child!!! Ha!


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