Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days of Our Lives Recap and Comments

I was a die hard fan of Days of Our Lives for many, many years. To the point of video taping episodes if I missed them. Well, I'm sick today and as I'm sitting on the couch, blowing my nose, I DISCOVER that a little DOL is on! What? Fantastic! I'm behind, 8 years or so, but I'm pretty much able to follow along. After the show I hop on a recap website and check out the summaries. (Had a wee question about the evil twin plot line, and, on an interesting side note, the actor used to play a super cute hunky cop on Passions - my other favorite soap opera. Which has been cancelled. So sad.) Anyhoo, basically, the comments after the recap are priceless and the essentially the whole point of this post. Can anyone say 'Nurse Betty' for Poster #1? Holla!

Episode 11530 | Season 46 | 02/22/2011
Sami convinces Allie to go to the park with imposter Rafe. Imposter Rafe makes plans for Allie to be taken away, but Sami interrupts before they leave and says Lucas called. He wants Allie to visit him in Hong Kong and to leave tonight. Allie is desperate to go and tells Sami that Rafe was mean to her again. Sami doesn't believe that but agrees to let her visit her dad. Imposter Rafe fills in Stefano, who wonders if Sami is suspicious of him. Imposter Rafe says no but if that changes, he'll take care of her.

The real Rafe collapses and Stefano tells EJ he wants to move up the timetable for getting rid of him. EJ disagrees รข€" he thinks Rafe is still useful. Stefano reluctantly backs down but says if the situation is ever out of control again... Rafe will be gone. Rafe starts to get better, determined to escape.

Taylor, thinking of EJ, spills coffee on herself and heads to the restroom just as EJ arrives at the Brady Pub. He sits down with Nicole, but is soon called away by Stefano. Taylor returns, just missing her mystery man. Nicole hopes the two of them will hit it off when they finally meet tomorrow at the wedding.

After talking to Johnny and Will, Chad tells EJ he'll be his best man at the wedding.

Chloe tells Philip she overheard Melanie telling someone that she's not fit to raise Parker. Melanie says Chloe is lying, and Philip believes Melanie. Distraught, Chloe runs off and tries to tell Nicole but she's distracted with wedding plans. A rattled Chloe says she can't be in the wedding. Meanwhile, Melanie tells Kate that Chloe is taking postpartum pills. Pleased, Kate is ready to take their plan to the next step and subtly convinces Chloe to throw out her postpartum medication.

Vivian finds out Brady stole Titan from Victor. She's thrilled and forces Brady to tell Philip. Philip is furious with Brady for betraying Victor while Vivian lords it over Victor, knowing his own flesh and blood has hurt and betrayed him more than she ever could.


How funny it was to hear Kate call Chloe a ***** when Melanie is the actual *****. She slept with so many men who paid for her services. She should watch out for Aids or other STds. Why is it Kate is never found out. Chloe should return to her parents with her baby. Philip is stupid for believing the twit Melanie. She should have been gone from this show a long time ago, along with Carly. How can Daniel lose all love for Chloe, forgive Carly for something far worse, and not give Chloe another chance. She actually should go back to Brady who would take care of her. Oh by the way, if Allie is taken from Sami and given to others to raise her, I am done with this show. The same old story lines get repeated and repeated and Stefano is becoming crueler and crueler. Allie better get to her Dad's in Hong Kong, or it is bye, bye for me. Nicole and EJ and Kate and Stefano all should get their come uppance. What a dreadful theme for this show. Bring back the good actors, Marlena especially.

Jetman Tues. 2/22/11
February 22 - 2:09pm The actress portraying Ally is superb.

Cute little Ally
February 22 - 2:08pm PTIf anyone really buys it that Rafe being mean to Ally is a 'public service' topic, forget it. Take out some commercial air time to address the subject. Why are the children being portrayed as pawns who are kidnapped or have eyes cut out for instance.

Find something else
February 22 - 2:04pm PTChloe the adult is being bullied and abused by Kate. It didn't work the first time so guess she's going to get the job by making Chloe try to kill herself instead.

February 22 - 1:59pm PTI have to agree with people who commented on the horrific child abductions that have taken place in this country. It's one thing to address the subject but to focus on it so intensely more than once is a bit overdone. The poor little Allie character is so pathetic and sad reacting not unlike a child who is being abused.

Enough is enough
February 22 - 1:56pm PTWhat happened with the dinner set up between Daniel and Carly? Is that being dropped just like the pool table scene with Adrienne and Justin? Just when things were getting heated up with these two couplings, it vanishes into thin air in favor of Creepy plotline.

Give us the good stuff
February 22 - 1:51pm PT

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