Friday, May 28, 2010

What I really have to say is...

...there's not a lot of point in blogging if you have lost your digital camera 4 months ago. Who wants to read a mommy blog when there are no awesome pictures attached of my son doing one of the following:

a) Walking around in circles with a steamer pot on top of his head (happened). Where did he get the pot? I don't know, I was in the bathroom when he procured it.

b) Hiding a gigantic glass measuring cup inside his high chair and secretly cuddling it with one arm like its his giant teddy bear / best friend when he thinks I'm not looking. (happened) Where did he get the measuring cup? I don't know, when I put him in the high chair, it was empty.


c) Talking on his 'cell phone' coaster. "Hewwo? Hewwo?" Where did he find the coaster? I don't know. We don't own any coasters.

All of these scenarios would be way cuter via snap shot. Sorry. I lose things a lot.

My son is really into kitchen utensils. That's our deal.

What are ya gonna do?


Sans digital camera - I have resorted to Facebook trolling to acquire some recent (ish) pics of the little dude:


  1. Hi Bekah! Glad you're back! Love hearing all your news! Miss you! Love, Mom

  2. I love the first picture with his hair a little wispy. He looks so cute as always. You are funny as always!


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