Saturday, January 31, 2009

Post 1 - Beginning to Blog

I'm starting this blog as a new mom who has been inspired & comforted by all the other 'mommy bloggers' out there. I like to write but have only written creatively very sporadically since I graduated from college (Semi pseudo graduated that is...) 10 odd years ago or so. I also need to stop watching tv 23 hours a day so maybe this will help. Why you should read this blog? I don't really have an answer. Maybe it will be interesting. We don't know. We will find out later.

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  1. Bekah, I'm laughing out loud, and about to copy your Qs for my NICU Doc Sister-in-law who has an answer to every baby question.

    You are my distraction from this frickin' organizing plan I must complete so I can get grilled and scrutinized. Wonder why I'm not jumping at the opportunity. . .

    Your writing is such a joy. And I can hardly wait for your next visit to munch on Baby J. He's so lucky to have you.


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